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How to file an insurance claim for storm damage
February 2, 2022 at 7:00 AM
How to file an insurance claim for storm damage

Storms can be brutal to your home. Whether it’s trees getting blown over, branches breaking off, or anything else getting blown by high winds, your home is at risk of sustaining damage. Regardless of the level of damage your home has sustained, it’s important that you file an insurance claim. If you’ve never had an incident where you filed a claim, you might be wondering how to file an insurance claim for storm damage. At Delaware Valley Public Adjusters, we have some things that you’ll want to make sure you do when filing your claim.

Document your losses

It’s normal to be in shock when you first see damage sustained to your home during a storm. However, you’re going to need to get to work right away to identify what exactly has been damaged or lost. If you have your phone handy, start documenting what you see is damaged right away. Over the next few days, you might start to notice more of your belongings or property that were damaged as a result of the storm. Keep the list nearby so you can easily add to it as you need. The more comprehensive your list, the more likely you are to get properly compensated to complete repairs or replace your items.

Contact your insurance and a public adjuster

You’re going to need help putting a value on the amount of damage your home has sustained from the storm. Your insurance company will likely want to send an adjuster to your home to evaluate the extent of the damage and attach a dollar amount to it. Remember that this adjuster works for the insurance company and is paid to save them money.

In addition to calling your insurance company, hire your own public adjuster. You’ll have somebody on your side who can provide your insurance company with an outside opinion regarding the cost to repair the damage sustained to your home. You can protect yourself against the insurance company’s tactics to offer lowball offers by hiring a public adjuster.

Don’t throw anything away

Keep everything that was damaged or broken during the storm until you’re told otherwise. An adjuster might need to look at an object or part of your home that’s damaged to assess the damage directly. For instance, if you throw out a TV that was broken because a tree branch came through the window, you have no way of verifying the damage with the adjuster. Keep damaged items somewhere they can be appraised before getting rid of them.

Keep a folder with claim documents

Not only should you keep track of the items that were damaged from the storm, but you need to keep all documentation you’re given from the insurance company and an adjuster. Get a folder or something you can keep everything organized in because you never know when you’ll have to present documentation on behalf of your case. An example of this could be that your insurance gives you a specific dollar amount to repair a broken window, but after you present a viable replacement within the specified price range, they lower your budget. If you have documentation of the previously agreed-upon amount, you can easily present that to your insurance company as evidence of the allowance.

Get in touch for more tips

If you need help learning how to file an insurance claim for storm damage, please reach out to us at Delaware Valley Public Adjusters. Our team of public adjusters can walk you through the steps necessary to filing a claim with your insurance and getting the funds you need to perform repairs on your home, vehicle, or replace items that were broken. Schedule an appointment by calling 856-975-5275 or send a message with any questions via our online contact form.