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How public adjusters can help with a fire damage claim
September 21, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A building on fire. When filing a fire damage claim in Delaware, a private adjuster is crucial to ensure you get what you deserve.

If you’ve recently incurred fire damage, you have enough stress. However, insurance companies often try to minimize compensation and hold your feet to the fire. Luckily, with public adjusters, your fire damage claim will be fireproof. At Delaware Valley Public Adjusters, we’re the leading public adjusters in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Unlike competitors, we offer 24-hour emergency services and expertly handle all negotiations and dealings so you can re-enter normalcy.

Here’s how public adjusters can help:

They evaluate all related damage.

When hiring a public insurance adjuster to help with your fire damage claim, they’ll assist you with damage evaluation.

Public adjusters do much more than evaluate the damage caused directly by the fire. Without an adjuster and their experience and expertise, conducting a comprehensive assessment of the damage incurred is difficult.

For example, public adjusters identify all facets of the damage caused by the fire, like water damage caused by a broken pipe during the fire, ash damage, soot damage, smoke damage, and more. More importantly, they’ll meticulously document and log all relevant damages.

Accurate and thorough recordkeeping is imperative to fire damage claims, and it’s critical to maximizing your payout. Understanding how to evaluate the full extent of damage caused by a fire is integral to ensuring you get the payout you deserve.

At Delaware Valley Public Adjusters, we guarantee to provide the full scope of damage incurred and maximize your payout.

They anticipate and leverage loopholes.

When filing a fire damage claim, your public insurance adjuster is an indispensable ally throughout the process.

Insurance adjusters ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies often try to take advantage of loopholes to deny claims or minimize payouts. Understanding the loopholes and exceptions in your policy is difficult to do alone.

The language and jargon are confusing, and it takes an expert eye and considerable acumen to understand your policy. Public adjusters anticipate loopholes your insurance company will try to leverage against you and supply the facts and evidence needed to counteract these efforts.

Luckily, at Delaware Valley Public Adjusters, we know the ins and outs of successfully filing claims. Moreover, we turn the tables and leverage loopholes to your advantage.

They represent you in negotiations.

A critical benefit of working with public adjusters for your fire damage claim is they represent you during the process.

It’s difficult to understand the arguments and appeals to make to maximize your payout and get what you deserve without extensive industry experience and expertise. Everything from vigorous representation to taking an inventory of damaged or lost property is crucial.

Public adjusters also save and submit receipts for any claim-related expenses you incur, like additional living expenses and loss of use. Public insurance adjusters even keep records of all claims-related activity and present them convincingly.

These records include communications with your insurance company, all coverage decisions, estimates and valuations, expenses, and more. Devising a policy-based strategy to apply your coverages is imperative to maximizing your payout, and that’s what public adjusters do.

More importantly, they’ll pursue the claim process while you return to normal life. Ultimately, public adjusters mitigate stress while maximizing your claim through sound representation.

Get in touch now to maximize your payout!

If your property recently incurred fire damage, a fire damage claim is imperative to get back on your feet. However, insurance companies often try to minimize your payout. Luckily, at Delaware Valley Public Adjusters, we’re the leading public adjusters and guarantee to maximize your payout so you get the compensation you deserve. Our unrivaled, tried-and-true process guarantees you the best shot at an equitable settlement. Get in touch to get started!